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Bad Gaskets Pump Housing

Water has been leaking from this pump for a long time, oxidizing the pump housing and destroying the bearings. Water was penetrating back to the bearings where the water washes out the oils and the bearings go bad,seizing the motor, most pump bearings have a  run life of 10 years, these issues can be avoided by replacing the pump seals and  gaskets when u see a leak....

  • I work with Realtors, Home owners, new home buyers anyone who is curious about their new or existing pool. 
  • I will visually inspect the pool construction, tile, coping, deck, deck sealant, plaster, painted pools, electrical and plumbing, pool and spa drains, pool covers, diving and sliding boards.
  • I will also inspect pool heaters and salt systems. the inspection that I do is mostly a visible inspection
  • I do not pressure test the lines during inspection but I can for a fee and if its necessary. 
  • I will be able to tell you what I recommend is right for your pool and average cost of things to be repaired.
  • During this inspection I will provide a type written report that can and have been used in court or if you are a new buyer it can help get some escrow in case of problems after acquiring the property..
  • Also, as a paying customer you will have access to my personal cell phone and email  and can contact me whenever you may need.
  • I will do my best to answer everything over the phone or email if I need to come out to the property again there will be a service charge according to the situation.
  • My fee for an average inground pool inspection is 350.00$

Pool Inspections