Service -Repair-Renovation 

Installation of liner

and ultra mesh cover 

Concrete Pool Renovations 

Vinyl liner installation

Expert Leak detection

Using state of the art listening and locating devices to pinpoint problem lines underground.

I can determine if your pool is leaking in 5 minutes using a digital water computation device.

Guarantee to find all leaks or the leak detection is free.

I can dive in cold water with my drysuit and scuba gear.

I have an electronic vinyl liner leak locating device.

LEAK DETECTION - starts @ $400.00

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Full renovation, with WATERFALL

Vinyl liners 

I perform all of this work with my assistant Chris, I offer personalized service and 25 years of experience

Videos - you may need to change resolution to HD for better viewing

Pennsylvania contractor number   (PA-098257)


​​​​​Pool Covers


   Repair and installation

Please send a picture of the pool for a free quote on your liner installation project. Send to my cell: 215-290-0760



Pool Liners

​Discounted closing 

Included with new Safety cover order.

(call for a free quote)

Painting of a pool